We always have something in mind when we hear Paris or New York. CitiesInOneWord is an online forum to express and share your opinions about cities…in one word.


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  2. CitiesInOneWord is your place to express and share your opinion about cities…in one word. It is for people who love cities; it’s for city geeks. Learn more about your city and the cities you are passionate about through unbiased input by real people. CitiesInOneWord is also a useful tool for students, researchers, bloggers, journalists and agencies to gather real-time insights into perceptions of cities. This website is a work in progress, and in an early stage. If you are missing a city or want to learn more, get in touch. We also love feedback. Stay tuned and send us your thoughts!

    WORD CITIESShare your one word for each city with us and let your friends know. Your input will have an immediate impact on the word cloud created about each city.
    CITY CLOUDSExplore the collective opinion about cities with our city clouds. The prevalence of a word is driven by the frequency of its mention. A cloud gets generated after 200 tags.
    GUESS CITIESTry it yourself and guess what city is described. Are you a real city geek? (Coming soon)


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